Mont Blanc have obviously gone on to establish new lines in their variety, but so far none has surpassed the iconic status on the Meisterstck. Almost certainly probably the most distinctive feature on the pen is definitely the central inscribed ring, contained inside two plain, thinner equidistant rings and traditionally created of gold. Real consideration to detail inside the manufacturing procedure tends to make Mont Blanc Pens essentially the most luxurious of fountain pens and legendary inside the world of writing instruments. Now we come on towards the new generation of Mont Blanc Pens Uk , led by the StarWalker collection. Using a modern day name and styling to match, the Mont Blanc StarWalker still keeps towards the tradition of creating pens of exquisite and matchless style with true master craftsmanship. The StarWalker pen collection, as with other ranges, comprises a fountain pen, ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil and a rollerball pen. These new Mont Blanc pens are revolutionary, fashionable, sensible and comfy in use. Take it within your hand and you will under no circumstances forget how it feels to create with, how it glides more than the paper. The StarWalker is completely shaped and is a real pleasure to make use of. As with all Mont Blanc pens, the mood for writing is insatiable.